Turbo Your Listing into Super-Performance

Exemplifying our Partner360 commitment to continuously improve our products and services to you better, we are excited to share some exciting news with you!

Starting 21 April 2022, you will have access to Turbo, a new feature that brings up to 12X more exposure* for your listing! You can activate a Turbo booking with no upfront payment, using the Ad Credits available in your packages, through AgentNet Web and App.

Full on Turbo Mode

Turbo is packed with all the functions that will give your listing the advantage it needs.

1. Turbo Gives You Extra-Large (XL) Images

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With the extra-large upsize on desktop image carousel and cover photo, your listing would provide greater visibility at one glance and leave the best possible first impression for your potential homebuyer.

2. Turbo Gives You Top Ranking Spots

We are here to take away the heavy lifting for you, especially in competitive districts – we want you to be seen! Now, you can secure more exposure as your Turbo listing is prioritised above Boost and regular listings.

3. Turbo Gives You a LINE Button

After seeing your extra-large listing tile in the top-ranking spots, you have most likely piqued the potential homebuyer’s interest. The next step is to increase their likeliness to reach out to you. This button helps to open a direct LINE conversation with you effortlessly. If you have not set up an autoreply on your LINE account to promptly engage your leads, now’s the time.

4. Turbo Gives You an Ads Free Listing Page

Simply put, fewer distractions for ads, more attention for your listing! Your profile photo and property headline will also be shown right next to the LINE button to quickly capture the attention of your potential homebuyer and increase the likelihood of getting more leads!


Get Set, Turbo

Turbo is readily available for all agents without upfront payment. Using the Ad Credits that are in your packages, you can Turbo your listing anytime, anywhere.

The amount of Ad Credits needed to Turbo a listing for 7 days, is fixed at a rate and differs from listing type, property type and location. The Ad Credit quantity is displayed next to your selected listing on AgentNet > Listings. 

Sit back and watch how it accelerates your listing’s performance and give it the exponential exposure that you need on DDproperty!

Being a better partner for you,
DDproperty Team

*Based on DDproperty internal data, comparing Turbo listings against regular listings, Jan 2022 – Mar 2022.

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