Featured Agent – Be the Go-To Agent of a Specific District

When we introduced Partner360, we promised thorough empowerment and support in every aspect of your real estate agent career. Giving you access to new opportunities and businesses to present yourselves better to property seekers has always been our top priority.

Today, we enhanced the value we bring to the table for you even more.

We are introducing Featured Agent – our most recent value-add tool that builds iron trust between property seekers and agents while improving your listing performance.

All forward-thinking real estate agents will now enjoy:

  • Improving credibility among property seekers
  • Premium elevation of their personal branding
  • Greater listing exposure with no extra efforts

What is Featured Agent?

As a modern and unique hybrid solution, Featured Agent helps build sustainable credibility and makes listing marketing unfairly effortless.

If you are looking to add value to your service as a real estate agent with:

  • Prominent Display of Your ‘Name Card’

Limited to 5 slots per district, your name card (with your photo, name, agency name and a LINE button linked to your phone number) will be shown right under the search bar, on the top right panel of specific search results.

  • Guaranteed Top Listing Spots

Two of your listings will be pinned 24/7 as one of the top 5 spots above all Exclusive, Turbo, Boost and Regular listings.

  • Enhanced Branding with “Featured Agent” Label

Your listings that are pinned on the top listing spots will have the “Featured Agent” label over the extra-large cover photo and image carousel.

Then, Featured Agent is the one go-to tool for building a trusted real estate advisor profile at any specific district.

How to book a Featured Agent slot?

Featured Agent can only be booked, reserved, and extended using Ad Credits on AgentNet (Web).

Depending on the district and the duration you have selected, the credits amount will be shown in the booking flow. The duration of all bookings, reservations, and extensions for Featured Agent is a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 180 days.

Refer here for more information on how to book and extend your Featured Agent slots.

Featured Agent Coming to You Soon!

To ensure a smooth experience with the Featured Agent booking journey, we will be rolling it out in the following 4 phases.

Further announcements on the upcoming rollouts will be shared on this page and on AgentNet as well. Stay tuned!

Exclusive Launch Promotion – Enjoy Up to 500 Ad Credits (worth ฿2,000) Off All Condo District Featured Agent (Booking, Extension and Reservation) till 14 August 2022!
For more information, visit our Featured Agent page or related Help Article.

Being a better partner for you,
DDproperty Team

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