Featured Agent's Exclusive Visibility Gives You Up to 8X More Leads*

*Based on DDproperty internal data, comparing Featured Agent prioritised listings against regular listings, July 2022 – Dec 2022

Wondering how to present yourself as the trusted real estate advisor of a specific district or condo project? Featured Agent is what you need to create this identity and sets you apart from your competitors.

It improves property seekers’ impression of you and drives exclusive attention to your listings on relevant search results for 30 days or longer!

Prominent Display of Your ‘Name Card’

Limited to 5 slots per district / condo project / transit station, your name card is shown right under the search bar, on the top right panel of the specific search results. Potential property seekers looking to buy or sell their properties will never miss it.

It displays your profile photo, name, agency name, and a LINE button that is linked to your phone number – presenting you as a credible agent to the property seekers.

Guaranteed Top Listing Spots

Each Featured Agent booking comes with two guaranteed top listing spots – one for your Sale listing and the other for your Rent listing of that specific district / condo project / transit station (within 1km radius). They will be pinned above all Exclusive Listings, Turbo, Boost, and regular listings on the specific search results.

You get to select the two listings you wish to pin and change them any time during your booking period.

Your listings will secure more exposure now for 30 days or longer, without you doing any other action!

Enhanced Branding with “Featured Agent” Label

Your listings that are pinned on the top listing spots will have the “Featured Agent” label over the extra-large cover photo and image carousel.

Property seekers can identify your listings easily and associate them as genuine listings. This improves the chances of you receiving an enquiry from them.

Effortless Listing Visibility 24/7

Discover Featured Agent Highlights At-a-Glance

Featured Agent is a hybrid tool that elevates your personal branding, as well as generating the additional listing views for

the listings of your choice.

Listing Types
FeaturesFeatured AgentTurboBoostRegular Listing
Name Card Display---
Rank on Search Results
Slot LimitUp to 5 SlotsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Listing Card Size (Desktop)Extra-large​Extra-large​StandardStandard
Cover Image Size (Desktop)Extra-large​Extra-large​StandardStandard
Image Carousel-

“Featured Agent” Label

Profile Photo

Property Headline
Contact ButtonsLINE
Ads-free Listing Details Page--

Explore Featured Agent

Explore Featured Agent

Regardless of the type of property, location or project you focus on, you will be able to find a Featured Agent that best fits your specialisation. 

Browse, Book and Pay Seamlessly

Browse, Book and Pay Seamlessly

You can book Featured Agent slot for a period of 30, 90 or 180 days, using Ad Credits that are bundled in your package subscription! Depending on the district and the duration you have selected, the credits amount will be shown in the booking flow.

What’s more – you can secure your Featured Agent slot through our AgentNet (web) at your convenience! Just go to the Featured Agent dashboard on AgentNet, and follow these simple steps to complete your booking:

Go to AgentNet Featured Agent dashboard. Search for a Project / Location

If a Featured Agent slot is available, you can click on Book Now.

Select the duration of your booking for 30 Days, 90 Days or 180 Days and verify all details. Ad Credits will be deducted upon clicking on Book Slot“.

Your booking is successful. Click Got It to return to your Featured Agent Dashboard.​

Can I extend, reserve or be notified of an available Featured Agent slot?​

Yes. Take a look at our step-by-step guide on how you can manage your Featured Agent bookings and reservations, and how you can be informed on-the-go whenever a Featured Agent slot is available. Learn more.

Running low on Ad Credits? Contact us at 02-204-9555 to top up now.

Questions on Featured Agent?​

Contact our Customer Care at 02-204-9555 or read our Help Articles for more information