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In our previous article for July, we shared helpful insights on when and where you should focus your listings to get maximum exposure and generate new leads to drive your business forward. This time, to enable you even further and leverage on demand trends, we want to spring you forward to new opportunities with greater market insights and our latest AgentNet addition: FastKey Asia Projects.

Where are your Property Seekers now? 

Good news is, they are now back in the market! With property searches increasing by 55% from March to May 2020, a good way to understand your property seekers is seeing how they behave on property portals 

Here’s a look at your property seekers’ searches on DDproperty during the COVID-19 period:FastKey1

In March 2020, the sudden surge of new COVID-19 cases resulted in business activities coming to a standstill, as the Thai government announced the closure of shopping malls, markets and public areas in Bangkok. This led to a relatively sharp decline in searches and we highly attribute this to Thais trying to get used to this ‘new normal’.

However searches gradually started picking up from 30 March 2020 onwards and there was a spike on 27 April 2020 just before the Thai government announced the easing of 1st phase COVID-19 restrictions. Since then, searches seem to be back on track– and even higher than they were before Emergency Decree.

What are your Property Seekers seeking?

With property seekers back more than before, it’s important to know what their demands are:

Top 5 Districts Property Search: for Sale Condo
#1: Chatuchak
#2: Watthana
#3: Huai Khwang
#4: Phaya Thai
#5: Khlong Toei
Top 5 Districts Property Search: for Rent Condo
#1: Huai Khwang
#2: Watthana
#3: Chatuchak
#4: Khlong Toei
#5: Bang Na

Top 5 Districts Property Search: for Sale Townhouse
#1: Lat Phrao
#2: Chatuchak
#3: Bang Kapi
#4: Bang Khen
#5: Phra Khanong
Top 5 Districts Property Search: for Rent Townhouse
#1: Lat Phrao
#2: Bang Na
#3: Bang Kapi
#4: Chatuchak
#5: Prawet

Top 5 Districts Property Search: for Sale Detached House
#1: Bang Na
#2: Lat Phrao
#3: Prawet
#4: Bang Kapi
#5: Chatuchak
Top 5 Districts Property Search: for Rent Detached House
#1: Bang Na
#2: Lat Phrao
#3: Chatuchak
#4: Huai Khwang
#5: Prawet

*Source: DDproperty data, 1 March–30 June 2020

Seems like the popular condo districts remain to be Chatuchak, Watthana, Huai Khwang and Khlong Toei. In terms of searches for sale and rent, Lat Phrao and Bang Na both take the number 1 spot for Townhouse and Detached House respectively.

Which MRT/BTS Stations are Most Popular?

With the opening of new MRT/BTS stations connecting Bangkok’s metropolitan region, let’s look at which MRT/BTS stations are most highly sought after. 

Top 10 MRT/BTS Station Searches: for Sale
#1: Ari BTS Station
#2: On Nut BTS Station
#3: Phrom Phong BTS Station
#4: Thong Lo BTS Station
#5: Ekkamai BTS Station
#6: Phra Ram 9 MRT Station
#7: Saphan Khwai BTS Station
#8: Udom Suk BTS Station
#9: Asok BTS Station
#10: Bang Na BTS Station
Top 10 MRT/BTS Station Searches: for Rent
#1: On Nut BTS Station
#2: Ari BTS Station
#3: Phrom Phong BTS Station
#4: Ekkamai BTS Station
#5: Phra Ram 9 MRT Station
#6: Asok BTS Station
#7: Thong Lo BTS Station
#8: Phra Khanong BTS Station
#9: Huai Khwang MRT Station
#10: Saphan Khwai BTS Station

*Source: DDproperty data, 1 March–30 June 2020

Be the Market Expert and Start Selling More Developments – Locally and Regionally!

Now that you know property seekers are back and how to maximise your exposure – let’s look at how you can expand your reach.  

Connecting you instantly to more than 500 developments within and beyond Thailand, FastKey Asia Projects is your trusty sales tool that gives you ready access to full project information and opens overseas market income for your business. 

How can FastKey Asia Projects open more opportunities for you?
  • Unlock overseas market opportunities and additional income, both locally and regionally: FastKey Asia Projects covers over 500 regional projects in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and more. With a plethora of such opportunities ready at your fingertips, you’re able to close deals beyond Thailand and open yourself up to even more income with attractive developers’ offers and commissions.


  • Say goodbye to manual research and get easy and instant access to all available project information: Your one-stop portal giving you ready access to all the developments’ information you need; including developers’ offers, floor plans, site maps, e-brochures and developer and agency contacts.


  • Become the expert to any new development by using FastKey Asia Projects as a convenient and ready-to-use development sales kit: To be a trusted property advisor, you need to have vital information at your fingertips at all times. FastKey Asia Projects lets you share information about all the available developments on any device to your clients with ease and clarity.



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– DDpropety Team

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