How Do I Improve My Listing’s Performance?

Listings with high impressions and quality get more views and leads!

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Now that you have created a listing, and know how your listing is performing with Listing Performance Insights, how can you improve its performance?

To improve your listing’s performance, you must understand the user journey of a property seeker, and the step they are currently at, using the Conversion Funnel, so you know where your listing needs improvement on.

Understanding the user journey of a property seeker

At DDproperty, property seekers first search for listings based on their requirements. They will then browse through relevant listings on the search results.

Once they come across a listing (or more) that interests them, they will contact you for more details via LINE, message enquiry or phone call/SMS to arrange for a home viewing.

After which, it will take some time before they come to a decision. Through this journey, a property seeker is led through a Conversion Funnel, where listings with high impressions will likely get more views and leads!

With Listing Performance Insights providing you with a performance report on your listings, you will easily know the actions you have to take to maximise their exposure and attract more leads.

How do I improve on impressions?

'Impressions' refers to the number of times your listing was displayed to property seekers in search result pages they visited, and here are a few ways you could generate more eyeballs for your listing:

1. Repost Reposting a listing will allow your listing to appear on the top of search results. It will also automatically extend your listing's expiry date, which is 30 days from the new posting date.

2. Boost

Boost is an easy way for you to improve your residential listings’ performance, at any time with triple benefits - higher ranking, better branding, and more coverage. All Boosted listings come with profile photo for enhanced personal branding.

3. Turbo

Turbo is a Premium Feature available for residential and commercial listings. Not only can you get up to 12X more exposure than a regular listing with a top-ranking spot in search results, but it also includes an XL desktop image carousel and cover photo.

How do I improve on Listing Views?

‘Listing Views’ refers to the number of times your listing details page is viewed by property seekers.

Here are a few ways you could generate more views for your listing:

1. Cover Image

A picture is worth a thousand words. Property seekers are looking for as much information as possible, including detailed images.

Listings with focused and well-lit property images perform the best. Upload clean images with no text or overlays and select a cover photo that best portrays your listing.

Tip: 10 tips to take quality property photos with your phone

2. Compare Pricing

The most important factor to consider for property sale/rental is price. Property owners must set the right price tag for their property. Property seekers would also need to know that they are paying the right price for the property they like.

Professional agents play an important role in advising both property owners and seekers on how much the property is worth. They are also responsible for advertising the listing to generate leads.

Find the right price for your listing by comparing recent selling price of similar and comparable properties in the same district with the same amenities, features and more.

How do I improve on Leads?

When property seekers are interested to find out more about your listing, they will reach out to you for more information. Listing Performance Insights shows you the number of times property seekers click to unmask your phone number and on the LINE button, and the number of messages that have been received on that listing.

Apart from ensuring that your listing’s Impressions and View are healthy enough to generate leads, here are a few more ways you could attract more leads:

1. Improve Listing Quality Score

Property seekers are constantly looking for more listing information. Listings with complete information are more likely to land a potential client. The Listing Quality Score serves as a good indicator for agents to know how complete their listing is.

2. Create an attractive agent profile

Your DDproperty agent profile is public to all property seekers. Property seekers would look for trustworthy property agents to work with, and this is your first step to establishing your branding.

Ensure that important details of the property are included and have a clear call-to-action in your listing description that will attract them for viewing.

Be sure that you have a professional and attractive agent profile already set up to highlight your experience and accolades.

Lastly, the faster you respond to an incoming enquiry, the more likely property seekers will engage with you, and in turn, close a deal with you.

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