What is Turbo?

Find out how you can get up to 12X more listing exposure

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What is Turbo?

Turbo is a new Premium Feature available for all listing types. It is accessible by all agents via AgentNet using Ad Credits.

Turbo provides up to 12X more* listing exposure than a regular listing, with

    • Extra-large desktop image carousel and cover photo

    • Top-ranking spot above Boost and regular listings

    • LINE button on search results and ads-free listing details page to increase chances of enquiries

And more...

*Based on DDproperty internal data, comparing Turbo listings against regular listings, Jan 2022 – Mar 2022.

What is the difference between Turbo, Exclusive Listings, Boost, and Regular listings?

When was Turbo launched?

21 Apr 2022

What is the minimum Listing Quality Score required for Turbo?

Turbo listing needs to have a Listing Quality Score of 90% and more.

How many Ad Credits are required for each Turbo booking?

The amount of Ad Credits needed to Turbo a listing for 7 days, is fixed at a rate and differs from listing type, property type and location. The credit quantity is displayed next to your selected listing on AgentNet > Listings.

How long does each Turbo booking last?

Each Turbo booking lasts for 7 days.

Can I activate Turbo for my listing via AgentNet app?

Yes, Turbo is available via AgentNet app.

As each Turbo listing occupies more space on the search results page, would this reduce the number of listings displayed per page (desktop view)?

The number of listings displayed on each search results page remains the same.

Can I use Turbo on my Boost listings?

Yes. You can upgrade your listing to Turbo. You will only need to top up the balance needed for Turbo on the same Boost listing. Turbo will then be activated for 7 days. Your Boost booking will cease immediately.


    • Agent A has already activated Boost for 50 Ad Credits on Day 1.

    • He wants to upgrade his listing to Turbo on Day 2.

    • AgentNet will reflect that he only has to top up the balance of 57 Ad Credits* to Turbo.

    • *100 Ad Credits - [ (6 days left / 7 days booking) x 50 Ad Credits] = 100 Ad Credits - 43 Ad Credits = 57 Ad Credits

What is counted as a day when pro-rating the Ad Credits required to top up?

The calculation will be done based on the number of hours the Boost listing has left.


If Boost is activated on Monday at 3PM, and it is upgraded to Turbo on Tuesday at 2PM on the same listing, this means that Boost has been activated for 23 hours. This will be counted as a 1-day activation and has 6 days left. The agent will be required to top-up for Turbo for the remaining 6 days.

For general enquiries, please reach out to our Customer Service at the following:

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