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Know how your listings perform

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Your active listings will be available to 3.5 million property seekers who visit DDproperty monthly. Here are two simple ways to find out how your listings are performing:

1. Statistics – Last 30 days

On your AgentNet dashboard, you can monitor the number of views your profile and listings have received in the last 30 days.

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Click on ‘Market Insights’ on your AgentNet dashboard. You will be able to see the Overall and Active Listings Statistics.

For Overall Statistics, you will be able to see the Agent Profile Views, Active Listings Views and Messages (Active & Past Listings) for the last 365 and 30 days.

Under Active Listings Statistics, you will be able to see a breakdown of Views (last 30 and 7 days) and Messages (last 365 days) on each listing.

Note: Trial and Beginner package holders do not have access to the ‘Public Profile’ page as this is not included within the package entitlements, hence you will not be able to see your profile views.

2. Listing Performance Insights

Listing Performance Insights provides an in-depth performance report for each active listing.

Log in to AgentNet and click on 'Listings'. You will see a light grey bar on the right of your active residential listings as shown below.

What do these metrics mean?

With Listing Performance Insights, we aim to empower you with actionable, data-driven insights to take the right actions to optimise your listings and get more leads.

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