Identify Listing Opportunities With Market Supply Gap

Ever wondered which listing type is high in demand, but low in supply?

If only there were a way for agents to identify such market gaps and business opportunities.

Introducing Market Supply Gap, a feature on AgentNet that provides you with an overview on the demand and supply of properties in a sub-district, by listing and property type.

This feature will be able to help you determine where your next listing opportunity is at.

How Do I Look At The Market Supply Gap?

When you log into AgentNet, click on the ‘Insights’ tab on top.


How Do I Make Sense Of The Market Supply Gap?

Making it easier for your viewing, our system has ranked the top 5 sub-districts of each district according to which has the most opportunity for you.

Alternatively, you can also filter by your preferred district, listing or property type.


With the search volume of property seekers on our web platform (known as ‘demand’), we match it against the quantity of listings that match this demand (known as ‘supply’).

After you have chosen your preferred sub-district, you will be able to see the demand and supply of each unit type. If there is significant demand, but low supply – it’ll be flagged out as an ‘Opportunity’.


Apart from being just a platform to market your listings, we also want to help you build your business by providing you with more listing opportunities.

Through this empowerment of data insights, you will be better positioned to invest resources in listings that are likely to convert to a sale.

Let’s look forward to a future of possibilities, together.


Find out more about Market Supply Gap and our help articles available.

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