Agent Package Entitlements Update – Effective 1 Nov’19

Starting 1 Nov’19, DDproperty’s agent package entitlements are revised to enable you to improve your listing performance easily with Boost. This revision does not affect the subscription prices, so you will be getting more value for your Baht!

New Package Entitlement: Ad Credits

Moving forward, our suite of agent packages will be bundled with Ad Credits. This DDproperty’s virtual currency allows you to use our new feature Boost easily! Boost is a self-served feature via AgentNet (web), where you can promote your preferred listings at your convenience. 

Boost will be officially launched next week, so watch this space for updates.ddprop_agentpackage_entitlement_saleskit_en

For our existing Beginner, Pro and Superstar subscribers, free Ad Credits will be issued to you on 1 Nov’19. This allows you to use Boost readily too! You can find out your entitled Ad Credits amount from AgentNet homepage.

Aside from being bundled with package, Ad Credits are available for ala-carte purchase in bundles of 500. 

Other Package Entitlement Changes

These are the other package entitlement changes that are applicable to new subscribers or at your subscription renewal, from 1 Nov’19 onwards:

  • Exclusive Listings

Our most popular premium feature that guarantees the top spots on search results will not be available as an entitlement in all the packages. Should you be interested to buy Exclusive Listing slots, you may still do so through your Account Managers.

For our existing subscribers who have yet to utilise their Exclusive Listings entitlements, you can still use them after 1 Nov’19, as long as it is before your subscription expiry date.

  • Personal Website

Beginner agent package will not have Personal Website with this revision; while Pro and Superstar packages are not affected.

For our existing Beginner subscribers, your access to your Personal Website continues after 1 Nov’19, until your current subscription expiry date. To support you during this transition, we have Help Articles on website building for your reference. You can also opt to join our workshop on website building.

  • Domain Name

Due to inefficient operational cost, DDproperty will cease domain name management. Therefore, this entitlement will not be available in Superstar package from now on. Existing domain name subscribers will manage their domain name renewal upon its expiry.

Our Agent Packages & Entitlements (Effective 1 Nov’19)New Package EN


For full details of our package entitlements, please visit DDproperty’s Agent Offerings site.

For any questions on the package entitlement changes, kindly visit our FAQs. Alternatively, you can contact our Customer Service at (+66) 02-204-9555 (Mondays to Fridays, 9AM to 6PM) or email for assistance.

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