What is Gating of Enquiries?

What is the objective of Gating of Enquiries? As part o […]

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What is the objective of Gating of Enquiries?

As part of our commitment to deliver greater value and better experience for you, we are launching the Gating of Anonymous Enquiries for property seekers using DDproperty platforms.

The objective is to deliver better quality leads to you by filtering out low intent property seeker leads, allowing you to focus your time and effort more efficiently to nurture leads with higher intent.

As a start, this change will be asking anonymous new property seekers using DDproperty to identify themselves by signing up as a one-time activity before placing an enquiry. These enquirers are expected to have higher intent to rent / buy a property in comparison to enquirers that are not willing to be identified.

How does Gating of Enquiries benefit agents?

Gating Enquiries allows us to collect consumer data and this data gives us insights to the type of properties your consumers are searching for, their budget and location etc. In the future, with this information, we will be able to match consumers more accurately to the listings that meet their requirements.

Agents will also benefit from this as we will be able to match you to the consumers that meet your listing requirements, therefore improving the accuracy and quality of the matching. Lastly, with this consumer data, we will be able to equip you with more information about your leads and allow you to understand your leads better. This will help you to reduce lead qualification work, focus on the high priority leads and customize your sales pitches according to their needs. 

Is Gating of Enquiries going to be launched on all channels?

Yes, it will be launched on DDproperty (Desktop, mobile web & apps) under all landing pages that allow lead submission.

What is the impact towards property seekers?

Anonymous users that visit DDproperty will be prompted to sign up or sign in when they submit an enquiry (Phone Reveal, LINE, Enquiry form, etc.).  Once users have signed up or signed in, they will not see gating ever again until they sign out or refresh the cookies of their browser.

Logged in users will not be affected as they have already been identified, thus they will not see the Gating prompt. signed out*Anonymous = users who did not signed up nor sign in.

What is the summary of changes that have been introduced?

Anonymous users who try to place an enquiry from Search Result Page and Listing Details pages would be asked to identify themselves either by signing in with their social account or by entering their email address to proceed with an enquiry on DDproperty.

By enquiries, we are referring to all enquiry types on listings inclusive of the following:

  • LINE
  • Enquiry Form (Desktop, mobile web & apps)
  • View Phone Number (Desktop, mobile web & apps)

Upon registering their email address, users will receive a verification code at their registered email address in which they will have to key in to authenticate themselves. The system will also check if users have an existing account with us. If the user has an existing account, they will be prompted to sign in instead.

Flows for users whose email account is not registered with DDproperty Flows for users whose email account is registered with DDproperty but have not set password Flow for users email account is registered with DDproperty and have set password before. Upon successful verification, users will be automatically routed back to their enquiry flow.

For users who do not have an account, will an account be created for them upon entering correct verification code?

Yes, an account will be created for them, and they will be logged in automatically.

Will users be going through the gating process repeatedly every time they submit an enquiry?

After they complete the sign up or sign in process, they will not be prompted again on enquiry submission if they are accessing via the same device and browser.

Users will see the prompt to sign in or sign up if they are using a different device/browser or they have cleared their browser cookies.

For property seekers who sign up or sign in via this flow how will they manage to sign in again in case they are signed out or access via a different device? Will our normal sign in flow for consumers be updated to accommodate OTP sign in?

They will have to sign in with OTP code received from their registered email address.

For general enquiries, please reach out to our Customer Service at the following:
Phone: 0 2204 9555 (Mon - Fri 9am - 6pm, closed on PH)
Email: support@ddproperty.com