Upload Photos to Your Property Listing

Attract property seekers with visually appealing photos in your listings.

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A picture is worth a thousand words! Property seekers look for as much information as they can, including photos that showcase the entire property. Photos taken with sufficient lighting and clear focus perform the best.

Tip: Upload clean images with no text or image overlay

  1. Click on the Media section on your listing creation page.

  2. Click ‘Add Photo’ or simply drag and drop your selected photo(s) from your photo folder on your computer.

  3. Select the most attractive photo that can represent the property as its cover image.

  4. Use the rotate function to ensure that the photos are displayed in the correct orientation.

  5. Click and drag the photos to arrange them in the order that you would like interested property seekers to view

Tip: A perfect listing photo has good angles, positioning, lighting, and staging of the property to deliver the best visual. It can be done with your phone, you can read more and learn the 10 tips to taking quality property photos with your phone

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