Edit a Listing

Edit your active, draft or past listings anytime.

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  1. Login to AgentNet and select the listing you want to edit under ‘Listings’. Click on the 3 dots at the corner of the listing, followed by ‘Edit’ and you will be redirected to the listing creation page.

  2. Click on the section that you want to edit

    Note: Location, Property Type and District/Estate cannot be changed once your listing has been published. Do make sure that these information are accurate before publishing your listing.

  3. Click on ‘Save Now’ to save your listing changes.

Note: No Ad Credit will be deducted when you click ‘Save & Exit’. Ad Credits will only be deducted when you perform the following actions under ‘My Listings’ page:

  • Repost or Boost your active listing

  • Post your drafted listing

  • Reactivate a past listing that has been delisted

For general enquiries, please reach out to our Customer Service at the following:

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