Upload Photos to Your Property Listing (Mobile)

Upload property photos on the go!

By DDproperty   •  

Attract property seekers with visually appealing photos. You can upload photos conveniently using your phone anytime, anywhere.

  1. When you are creating a new listing, click on ‘Media’

  2. Click ‘+ Add Photos’, then choose photo from library.

    Tip: Upload photos in the order that you want interested property seekers to view.

  3. Add Caption to describe the photo. Property seekers will see it when they click on the photo to expand it to full screen.

  4. Select the most attractive photo that can represent the property as a cover image.

  5. Library photos will be included in your listing automatically. Select the library photos that you do not want and press on the icon to remove them. Click on ‘Next: Summary’ to publish your listing!

Tip: A perfect listing photo has good angles, positioning, lighting and staging of the property to deliver the best visual. It can be done with your phone.

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