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Create a listing on the go! Update: 1 September 2023

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DDproperty makes it convenient for you to create a new property listing on the go with your mobile. Follow this guide to create a new listing in 3 easy steps.

  1. Go to AgentNet App and choose "Create New Listing"

  2. Type the building name in "Location" and choose your property from the drop down list.

    If your property is not found in the drop down list, click on "Add new property" to input the property details.

    If it's a new condo project, call us at 02 204 9555, we are happy to add it into the condo directory.

  3. Key in property details

    Property seekers look for detailed information when looking at potential properties. Listings with thorough descriptions will improve your listing quality score and engage readers.

    Note: Location and Listing Type (For sale/rent) cannot be edited once your listing has been published. Do make sure the information is accurate before you publish it.

    Your phone number in the headline and listing description will be masked from property seekers. Property seekers may still use the official contact channels, e.g., Phone Reveal, Line or Enquiry Form to submit an enquiry.

  4. Upload attractive property photos, videos and virtual tours

    Tip: A perfect listing photo has good angles, positioning, lighting and staging of the property to deliver the best visual. It can be done with your phone.

  5. Review your listing summary and publish it after confirmation

    Ensure that your listing has achieved a 100% Listing Quality Score. This score is based on completeness of listing details. The higher your Listing Quality Score, the higher the chance of your listing attracting more property seekers.

Tip: Refresh your listing date by using Repost to get on top of search results.

For general enquiries, please reach out to our Customer Service at the following:

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