Write a Description that Sells

Stay on top of the game by writing a good description for your listings

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Before property seekers open your listing details for an in-depth understanding, they will scan through, together with other listings. By writing a good description, you are able to capture their attention with these simple rules:

  1. Keep it within 2,000 characters.

  2. Special characters are allowed, such as $,''-.!:;&/?@%()#:)+

  3. Ideally restrict to numerical input with a maximum of 6 consecutive digits (includes those separated by special characters and spacing), e.g. THB 2.5M instead of THB 2,500,000.

  4. Break up your text into smaller paragraphs and make it easier for property seekers to read.

  5. Use your property photos to do storytelling, so that property seekers can visualise what the property would be

  6. A good listing description follows is orderly and has the right “flow” to it:

  • Talk about the unit's condition. Everything from the facing, furnishing to the size etc. Remember to list all new or upgraded appliances that come along in the unit, which could further persuade the decision of property seekers

  • What are the facilities provided to property seekers should they deal with you? Common facilities like a swimming pool, gym, recreational hall, security etc. might be determining factors for property seekers to purchase the home.

  • Nearby amenities and area development will greatly affect the value of the property, ensure that you cover what is nearby your listing - supermarkets, malls, schools etc.

  • Another factor that property seekers also look at is the travelling time. Factors such as the nearest form of public transportation, distance to highways, and road development etc. will always be taken into consideration.

Tips: Please refrain from using all-caps and short forms for descriptions. It will make your listing appear unprofessional, which will leave potential buyers with a negative impression.

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