Partner360 Rewards: Agent Partner Milestone Recognition Awards

It’s time to recognise you and your hard work!

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General FAQ

What is this Milestone Recognition Awards?

This award is part of Partner360 Rewards Programme, where we recognise the hard work and effort agents have put into helping buyers and sellers realise their property dreams. You can learn more about Partner360 Rewards Programme here.

Who is eligible for this award?

All agent partners from the Prestige and Elite reward tiers are eligible, namely Black, Platinum, Gold and Elite.

What are Prestige and Elite rewards tiers?

As part of Partner360, we want to appreciate you by giving you a rewarding partner experience through our Rewards Programme. Depending on your investment over the last 12 months, you are either in the Prestige or Elite reward tiers.

Agent Partner Milestone Recognition Award is one of the Rewards Programme privileges.

Why is the recognition given to the top districts only?

Agent partners promoting listings in these top districts invested the most resources, since they are also the most competitive districts. Therefore, we would like to start off this initiative by recognising these agent partners’ efforts.

How are the Top 6 districts in Bangkok metropolitan region determined?

Top 6 popular districts in Bangkok metropolitan are identified based on the number of property seekers’ views and leads received on our site.

Could we know before the award announcement, the Top 6 districts?

We will identify the Top 6 districts in the award announcement month.

When would the award recipients for the various categories be announced?

The announcement will take place in these months. Please stay tuned to our site for updates.

How many award recipients would there be per category?

Each category will have 6 recipients, with 1 recipient per district. In 2022, there are 2 award categories and a total of 12 award recipients.

How would the award recipients be notified? Award recipients will be announced via Agent Offerings site. Your Account Manager would also get in touch with you if you are the recipient.

Eligibility for Award FAQ

How are these award recipients selected?

Agent partners dealing in the same district will be rated against each other, based on:

    • No. of Active Listings in that location (in last 6 months)

    • Activity within DDproperty to market listings in that location (in last 12 months)

To ensure we genuinely recognise agent partners who have provided exemplary service and image in the district/estate, award recipients should have no general complaints against them, positive feedback from property seekers and are responsive to enquiries.

What do you mean by “No. of Active Listings in that location”?

It refers to the number of active listings you have in that district, in last 6 months.

What do you mean by “Activity within DDproperty to market listings in that location”? / Does this include the Area Specialties etc that I had purchased?

It refers to the total number of Ad Credits you have used in the last 12 months to post / repost / Boost / the listings in a particular district.

It does not take into account the Area Specialties slot etc, you have booked or used in that location.

Why is Ad Credits usage used for the award rating tabulation and not other Premium Features like Area Specialties etc?

Ad Credits usage is closely tied to the marketing efforts you have invested in promoting the listings and Ad Credits are accessible to all agents as part of the package entitlement.

The usage of the other Premium Features might be restricted by inventory availability, hence not ideal for the rating tabulation.

Which of the two criteria is more important - “No. of Active Listings in that location” or “Activity within DDproperty to market listings in that location”?

The weightage of the award tabulation is as follow:

    • No. of Active Listings in that location (in last 6 months) = 30%

    • Activity within DDproperty to market listings in that location (in last 12 months) = 70%

DDproperty reserves the rights to check on the general activities, reviews and feedback (such as but not limited to response rates, service excellence and general social media feedback from clients). This is to ensure we award only the best of the best as the Face of the area.

What is the data period that you are looking at for the various award categories?

Is there a judging panel?

Award decisions are at the sole discretion of DDproperty using validated data points, general due diligence on customer feedback and professional public image of the recipient.

Can the award recipient be recognised in the Rent category and then in the Sale category?

No, this could not happen. The same award recipient would not be recognised more than once in a calendar year.

What happens if I have the highest rating for more than one districts in that month’s Milestone Recognition Awards?

In an event you’ve the highest rating for more than one location in that month’s Milestone Recognition Awards, you’ll only be receiving one award. Among your winning locations, the highest rating location will be selected.

Digital Billboard Ad Award FAQ

As the award recipient, do I get to choose the digital billboard locations and determine the start date of my digital billboard ad?

Digital billboard locations and start date will be determined by DDproperty.

How long would my digital billboard ad be on advertised?

It will be one month, starting from the launch date of your ad.

As the award recipient, do I get to review the digital billboard ad design before it is launched?

Yes, you will be able to verify if your personal information and photo is properly featured on the ad before the actual ad production.

For general enquiries, please reach out to our Customer Service at the following: